Elysia Vaccarino

Picture of Elysia Vaccarino

I am interested in investigating intergroup dynamics, the cues used during processes of social categorization, and their resulting implications, especially those relating to topics of prejudice and stereotyping.

Recently, I have examined dynamics of confronting sexism. In particular, my recent work investigates how the identity of the confronter (i.e., target, or witness) as well as the social context in which the situation takes place, can influence expectations as well as perceptions of the actors involved (target, witnesses, perpetrator). This work aims to examine the contextual nuances that lead us to condone or condemn sexism and how these might relate to situational norms. Currently, I am extending this work into investigating positive consequences afforded to female target confronters of sexism, particularly relating to power and leadership roles, as well as driving norms in support of confrontation.

A second line of research I have examined involves the impact of “colour-blind” strategies on intergroup contexts. In particular, I am interested in how people might use compensatory strategies alongside colourblindness such as avoiding acknowledging intergroup conflict, in an effort to appear non-prejudiced. I am further interested in examining the ironic effects these strategies might have on intergroup relations.